Royal Agricultural Show

Posted on Fri February 10, 2017.

Show Details
Dates & Times of Show
Opening Time
09h00 daily
Closing Times
Friday, 26 May – 18h00
Saturday, 27 May – 19h30
Sunday 28 May to Friday, 2 June – 18h00
Saturday, 3 June – 19h30
Sunday, 4 June – 18h00

Throughout its history, ‘The Royal’ has had the privilege of hosting merchants and businessmen who recognise the benefits and harmony of interacting with one another, the agricultural sector and the general public.
Today the Show is the largest mixed exhibition incorporating a fully-fledged agricultural component on the continent of Africa. Not only does this include the exposition of some of the country’s finest livestock and agricultural equipment but also a range of ancillary activities and displays covering the industrial, commercial and service sectors within the province.
Included in the mix is the 2100 sqm Food Hall, where by way of exhibits and demonstrations, the entire food chain from farm field to dining table is informatively portrayed.
Similarly, the recently refurbished – century old – Crafts and Home Industries Hall affords young and old with eclectic displays and inter-active demonstrations of extraordinary talent. These include embroidery, needlework, tapestries, knitting, painting, photography, beading and wood sculpting. Whilst the emphasis is focused on the non-commercial competitive sections; the ‘purist’ component is today complemented in the adjacent hall with a mix of displays of modern crafts, many of which are available to purchase.
Other dedicated halls include those relating to business, home improvements and safety and security, together with a further 4 000 sqm under cover devoted to a broad mix of general displays.
Open site stands likewise cater for a mix of exhibits ranging from swimming pools and building requisites through to a vast array of tractors, agricultural implements and the latest motor vehicles and trucks. Also and more recently ‘The Royal’ has pleasingly seen a significant increase in the presence of materials handling and construction equipment all indicating that the Royal affords incredible value from a corporate marketing and branding perspective in respect of capital items of note.
Full of contrasts, ‘The Royal’, with its unique ambience abutting the City with its own stream, is all about old friends, new introductions, long established traditions and stimulating fresh ideas. A truly pleasant and profitable experience for participants and visitors alike.